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The Rhino Horn is plastic, which has its pros and cons, a pro being that it does not break easily (like a ceramic netty pot) and it travels well.

Jan 26, 2010 Diet Tutorials Health Protocols Recipe Center Food Value Lookup Monthly .... I'd use a saline nasal spray (or a netty pot, but that makes me

Have you ever tried a netty pot?? It's also called a sinus wash. I can't remember the exact recipe but you could google it. You tilt your head over the

For Those Considering Learning the Practice and Buying a Neti Pot ...... reverted to the traditional recipe because it simply works better (and always has).

Want to avoid costly packages of saline solution for your neti pot. This

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May 21, 2008 How many times a day can you Neti Pot when you're congested? so he read all the "how to" directions in terms of the "recipe" but as to

Neti pot recipes are available online. A neti pot looks like a small tea pot and is used to perform a Sinus Rinse|sinus rinse.

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Mar 16, 2006 The Neti pot is a simple device used in yoga to balance the mind and Here's the recipe I use for a good saline solution to be used for

This recipe came from my great-grand mother from Kentucky.

A homemade neti pot solution is just as effective as the recipes, blogs, questions and answers with Mayo Clinic experts and more.

Wash out your nose with a "Netty pot" (found in whole foods stores, etc. Recipe for Salt Water Rinse for the Nose from Dr. Stasney

Jan 8, 2009 My husband finally bought a "netty pot" (I think that is how you .... Also, you can make the saline wash at home - ask your pedi for recipe.

i should also mention that i don't own a netty pot, but i utilized the technique this morning for the first time in my life and WOW, is that productive?!

Feb 11, 2009 of regular bread for J (using The Good Human's wonderful, easy recipe). As much as I hate the actual process of using the neti pot,

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I use a netty pot to (nasal flush) when things get really plugged up. Yes, neti pot works great. Its the only natural solution available which really

The gross but amazing netty pot… fill it with salt water, stick it up your nostril and wash out .... With this recipe from Allie, you will make a Pot.

Anastacia Andrade thanks for passing on the choco syrup and dh both enjoy choco milk (what Lauren, who is not even five, does the netty pot!

Natural nasal wash using a special neti pot, salt, and water to clean your

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If you do not get sinus infections regularly, then having a neti pot on hand Instructions on how to use the neti pot for a sinus infection home remedy

Dec 15, 2009 I did the sudafed, vaporiser, and a netty pot type thing. Potty Training, Health, Recipes & Nutrition, Behavior & Discipline, Child

Nov 15, 2008 This tends to discourage the further use of the neti pot and can leave the user .... Can I please have some really good crock pot recipes?

This article provides a nasal irrigation recipe, with instructions on how .... The neti pot is a device designed to flush out the nasal and sinus cavities.

I found this recipe online and was hurting, didn't have a netty / netti pot and thought "Why wouldn't a turkey baster work?"

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Apr 28, 2009 Nasal irrigation systems like a neti pot have become an increasing A solution recipe that I have found to work great is a ratio of 1/4

Here's Dr. Principato's recipe. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm How do you use a neti pot? Here's the word from a spokesman for the

Mar 11, 2010 Sinus infections: Try a bit in your Neti Pot when you have a cold or sinus recipes, thought-provoking feature articles and much more!

How Does a Neti Pot Work?. Neti pots are used for nasal irrigation

Dec 27, 2009 I would go on pretending that the neti pot did not exist, and that the The Neti Pot sounds like the “it's too late we have to amputate!

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Also, they are selling them on Ebay Ebay Neti Pot .... Hidden Secrets of the Sprouts, |---- Recipe Swap, |---- Birth Stories- Our sprouts are here!

Nov 30, 2007 It's suggested that if you purchase a neti pot, you should look for one This recipe uses 3 parts "pickling or canning" salt to 1 part

Nov 11, 2009 A new study shows that long-term use of the neti pot can actually cause sinus problems. .... Got a Tasty Healthy Recipe?: Share it.

Netty pot recipeJan 5, 2010 Received this recipe from a ear, nose, & throat specialist when I had We use it in a netty pot to irrigate our noses. Works awesome!

Information on the neti pot and how it can benefit your health.

I am not positive of the recipe. But I know it consists of warm water, salt and maybe one more Try a netty pot........... Take quercitin with bromalain.

Mar 14, 2008 A neti pot is supposed to help balance your energy or something, .... This is a Crock Pot recipe. For this recipe, you will need the

I adapted this recipe from the chocolate chip cookie recipe on .... An extension of point 4, is to use a netty pot to rinse our your nasal passages,

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Jul 31, 2007 The use of a neti pot is an inexpensive, simple, and safe way to treat without the guilt and we have a super-chocolate recipe for you!

Feb 3, 2010 A Netty Pot uses warm water and a special salt to cleanse your sinuses Anyone have a recipe for frosting with no soy, butter, gluten?

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Neti pot for sinus trouble, wrist and knee wraps, stop smoking tools amongst other A home recipe for an isotonic solution might be 1/2 litre of water,

HEALTHY RECIPES RECIPE FINDER A neti pot is a small container with a spout that distributes warm water mixed with salt into your nostrils. A neti pot is

Jan 14, 2008 Does anyone have any special recipes? If you make a suggestion, My neti pot holds 1 cup, so this amount will allow for a one flush

I have to agree with the netty pot. Try it after swimming to clear out the chemicals from the pool .... SparkRecipes: Featured Recipe. Low-fat Maple Granola

You can use sterile saline nasal spray, or a netty pot with warm salt water… it .... Master Cleanse Recipe - Are you a Master Cleanser? Do I Use the SWF,

A woman flushing nose with a neti pot. Nasal irrigation or nasal lavage or nose .... A typical home recipe for an isotonic solution consists of 1⁄2 litre (1

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You can get several different types of Neti Pots, the most common being

May 11, 2009 Learn how to make a nasal saline solution for your Neti pot. Nasal Saline Recipe for Neti Pots. By Daniel More, MD, Guide

neti pot You've heard Zorba mention a netti pot on the program quite often. Heart-healthy, guilt-free, tasty recipes from Zorba Paster

Neti pot sinus infection remedy If you find yourself prone to them, using a neti pot If you do not get sinus infections regularly, then having a neti pot on hand is still a REALLY "Special Tea" recipe · Stuffy Nose Remedy

Aug 21, 2010 Below is a recipe for the saline solution that you use in the netty pot. You can always buy the little packets that came with your netty pot

Jan 30, 2008 Ever heard of a Neti Pot? Until recently I was blissfully unaware that there is I used the following recipe to make the saline solution:

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New Neti Pot Nasal Wash / Sinus Irrigation Beginner Kit by Nasopure with 8 ounce you can do a google search for a recipe and to find out more about it.

But, he doesn't use a neti pot, he just uses a squirt bottle with Patrick

A lady off of the recipe exchange board sent me a ton of recipes for the use a netty pot. the salt water will help remove all the mucus and allergens.

Their neti salt, besides being pure is packaged in single-use packets, especially pre-measured if using their neti pot. To know more about their salt click

Neti pot. Nasal irrigation usually restores normal nasal and sinus functioning. There are several different recipes for the nasal rinse solution,

Recipe for a Neti Pot. A Neti pot is a small vessel used to cleanse the sinus cavities. This process is thought to relieve congestion and reduce swollen

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So anyway, sometime last year after Dr. Oz showed a Neti Pot on Oprah,

Jan 5, 2010 Received this recipe from a ear, nose, & throat specialist when I had We use it in a netty pot to irrigate our noses. Works awesome!

In addition to a humidifier we also relied on our neti pot and drank a lot

Buy a Tibetan nose pot at your local hippie store. (If you are a hippie, or pretentious, or Tibetan, you will want to call it a neti pot.

Sep 23, 2010 I swear by my netty pot. Do you have one? It really helps. I'm going to have to remember this recipe if I get sick. This sounds awesome.

Jun 1, 2007 Personal website focusing on Jala neti pot usage, yoga, spirituality and nature. Maintained by Matthew Cox of Asheville, North Carolina.

Mar 4, 2007 Neti Pot A dry heave would probably be the appropriate reaction from a here's a homemade recipe that my sister got from her doctor.

Netty Pot Recipe