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Photo Source: http://eng.gougram.org/photo-gallery/?album=IndianCowBreeds Dairy milk yield is found to be 20 liter whereas cross bred jersey, cow Holstein heifers can be bred at 15 months of age, when they weigh about 800 pounds

IDW-Holstein Int Cows (2 & 3 yr Olds & Intermediate Champion) here Canadian Classic 4-H 2009 - All photos of the Classic should be on line now, WCLE (SK) JERSEY & HOLSTEINS & JERSEY CONVENTION on-line album

Aug 15, 2007 Good milk yielding cross breeds (Holstein and Jersey crosses) has well In this photo (left), two pairs of swamp type buffaloes are

Holstein jersey cow photoHere are photos of several of the different breeds of Dairy Cows with descriptions. The Jersey cow tends to be a golden-brown color with a black nose and of dairy cattle – Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey and

Dec 1, 2009 The profit/ha for the Jersey-cross Holstein was €1392. The Jersey-cross cows delivered 6.2pc less milk than the Holstein Friesian cows, but the value Read; Emailed; Photos. 'We have lost the light in our lives'

Cow Weathervane, Jersey Dairy Cow photo. Cow Weathervane, (Holstein Cow Weathervane). Click here for pricing. This Dairy Cow weather vane is a variation on

As an adult, I enjoy the raw milk taste from the Holstein cow when I visit back to Wisconsin. This farm fresh milk is always a The Jersey cow is quite a friendly breed and very sociable. .... Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional)

Apr 3, 2010 IDW 2009 - side on portraits, results and action shots OPEN HOLSTEIN, AYRSHIRE AND JERSEY SHOW - IN-MILK CLASSES COW, 6 YEARS AND OVER - 6th - Eden Holme Retake Bangle 3rd - Bluechip Genetics and L and L Giglia

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Plush Mooly Black and White Cow 14". $23.18. Safari Farm: Red Holstein Cow. $3.70. Safari Farm: Charolais Cow. $4.99. Safari Farm: Jersey Cow

Printable Jersey Cow Pattern; Knit Pattern Boys . Sunbeam Mixer Cover Pattern; Radio Station Gallery: Gallery Album: Fly In Photos Album: New Holstein .

Looking for a high quality Holstein cow stock photo for your website or presentation? Holstein-Jersey Mix Calf and Holstein Calf Photo (42-16857157)

We specialize in raising Holstein, Jersey and Holstein/Jersey Cross Bull Calves. JERSEY COW/HEIFER TRADE FOR SIMILAR HEREFORD PAIR full ad more photos

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Oct 29, 2010 Tweet This; Facebook This; Photo Gallery Fact about the jersey cow is that they are very hardy cows in harsh environment, their weight is half that of the Fresein "price of holstein friesans and jersey heifers"

131 Jersey cow stock photos and images. Affordable Royalty Free Stock Photography. Stock Photography - RTimages. Unamused Holstein Cow - A holstein cow

Holstein cow in barn with Christmas wreath WI. Index Stock Photos. PRICE / INFO Add to Lightbox RM Rights Managed. Close up of jersey cows in field

Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture. Crooked Horned Holstein Cow, black and white, one horn higher than the other, 1988 Jersey Cow, semigloss dark tan, 1984, Mail order companies

The Naval Institute preserves the world's largest private military photo collection Sailor with Jersey Cow. Steven DeAngelo, BM1c, USN, attached to the USS inspect the prize Holstein stock at a model diary near Honolulu, Hawaii.

If you don't find the perfect image or require a larger photo for positioning or client approval please ask. jersey cow with ringworm dermatophytosis, · jersey in barn milking Holstein treated cow in tie stall,

stock photo : Jersey cow on field against a blue sky with white clouds Holstein-Friesian cows grazing in a lush, green field, near Moss Val.

Oct 28, 2010 Advertisement. Hunting Photo Contest (301)264-4054 Holstein sire ID cows. Fresh or various stages of lactation 717-821-3667 NOTICE: Arlen or Grade H Keener (717)285-7426 Also Jersey Cross Heifers Reliable honest

Click On Photo For Full Details Safari Farm Toy Animals, Animal Toys Collection, Holstein Cow Head Down Toy Model Replicas Holstein Head Down Safari Farm Toy Animals, Animal Toys Collection, Jersey Cow Toy Model Replicas

Facts About Jersey cattle (Photo top left). Facts about Guernsey cattle. A medium sized Guernsey requires less feed than the larger Holstein, yet converts

Jun 24, 2008 My average expectation is 20-40 liters of milk a day per cow. Looking for breeds like (jersey, Holstein)or any other cross breed,Indian

Jan 3, 2002 David Franzer of Crockett Farms is using a world class Jersey and a top Holstein Buy photos and gifts from Farm and Dairy. .... Franzer said neither his elite Holstein cows nor Golden will be used for crossbreeding.

Aug 24, 2005 At Three Sisters Dairy, the cows -- Jersey and Holstein -- ride a · Fresh milk is poured into vats. Chronicle photo by Craig Lee

Jan 3, 2009 This is Bessie and she is half Holstein and half Jersey. Holsteins are black and white and are the commercial breed of dairy cow because

Farmer feeding hay to Jersey cows · Farmer milking Friesian cows · Farmer putting feed into trough Holstein-Friesian cows · Holstein-Friesian heifers

Level 1: Sequence of 3 photos: subject: personal interest Holstein Junior Yearling Class: 1st Place: Jeffery Edmond. Holstein Cow 2-Yrs old: Jersey Junior Calf: 1st Place: Deandra Faris. Jersey Cow 3-yrs Old:

List - Gallery - Map. sorted by : Pertinence - Date - Price. Photo; With; No matter WANTED - Looking for jersey/holstein cows in milk and in calf.

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Sep 11, 2010 The jersey cow tends to be a golden-brown color with a black nose and black Breeds of cows with cow pictures holstein, brown swiss.

Typical cows: Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire, Short-horn. Poster by the Nature & Method Publ. Co., printed by HM Smith Lith. Co., St. Paul, 1904.

Here are photos of several of the different breeds of Dairy Cows with descriptions. The Jersey cow tends to be a golden-brown color with a black nose and of dairy cattle – Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey and

Week 4 = Updated photos and news of your cow. ~ During your month of rental you running down one of his back legs. photo. KANDY · Holstein/Jersey cross

Download royalty free A Holstein Friesian bull on a dairy farm in North

Jersey cattle breeders marketed their milk under the All-Jersey brand. The cows also were Click here for a picture of a California Holstein milk bottle.

Jul 16, 2007 Holstein M Goddard's cow Guston Aaron Hope; res, J R Warnock and Sons' cow Channel Island T and D Warren's Jersey cow Hennikers Jude Milki; res, Photo Galleries. Subscribe to feed Subscribe to this blog's feed

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Another Happy Grass-Fed Holstein-Jersey Cross. Spending time at Brookford

NAN5907 - Jersey cows in Barn with full udders. NAN2749 - Holsteins dairy cow bellowing. End of photo listings. Continue to complete listing.

Oct 7, 2009 The 2008 International Holstein Show Judge, Brian Carscadden, seconds that thought. “Great photos can do so much for the marketing of your cows and cow families Callum McKinven placed the Jersey cows today during the

Stock photo, image, picture, photography of jersey cow. Holstein-Jersey Mix Calf. CRBS0400366. Royalty-Free Similar Images. Jersey Cow. CRBS0400462


California Holstein Association check out the photo of the day today on Holstein magazine's website features an article about our recent Cow Camp!

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